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The global economy has recently been slipping back towards a new economic crisis, and regrettably, no one, including the financially secure, has been spared the brunt of the catastrophe.

According to several financial survey agencies, more than 40% of individuals struggle to pay their rent and bills on time.

This is one of the primary reasons cash advance applications like Earnin are more vital than ever in most world regions.

#1 Best Cash Advance App of 2021 – Viva Payday Loans

5 Best Apps Like Earnin – Quick-Pick

Earnin, Dave, and Brigit are cash advance applications that allow you to borrow a small amount from your upcoming salary before you receive it. This fast-fix can be helpful if you need money quickly, but be sure you never have any cheaper choices before borrowing from an app.

Unlike conventional borrowing alternatives such as credit cards or personal loans, the cost of borrowing via an app is not indicated as an interest rate. Instead, the applications may impose subscription or accelerated financing fees, and many recommend tipping.

Below are five less expensive alternative applications that allow you to borrow from potential earnings.

  1. Viva Payday Loans – Best for very quick cash advances
  2. Credit Clock – Best for lower loan amounts ($200 – $500)
  3. Money Lender Squad – Best for wide range of loan options
  4. Very Merry Loans – Best for same day decisions
  5. Heart Paydays – Best for no previous credit required

How To Use Apps Like Earnin – Quick 4 Step Guide

Even though each loan seeks website functions differently, they all have connections in the application procedure. Below is an application procedure at Viva Payday Loans.

Step 1. Visit Viva Payday Loans – Go to Viva Payday Loans to get a straightforward layout—click the “Apply Now” at the top right side of your screen.

Step 2. Complete The Application Form – Your name and personal information, employment/income information, banking details, and a summary of your monthly bills will all be requested on the online application form.

Step 3. Get Your Decision – Authorization takes only two minutes—don’t leave your screen while you’re waiting for feedback. If you are not accepted for a loan, you will receive a notice alerting you of this.

Step 4. Receive Your Loan – When your loan application is approved, you will be sent a loan agreement to study and sign. It is critical to read the terms and conditions. The loan money is sent immediately into your bank account when you sign and submit the agreement.

Step 5. If Declined, Try Alternatives – If your request for poor credit online is denied, try other loan-lending websites, such as Heart Paydays or Credit Clock, or any of the broker websites discussed above.

You shouldn’t stress your credit score being harmed because these services don’t perform a hard credit check, and they’re also free to use.

What Are Cash Apps Like Earnin?

Cash advance apps like Earnin are similar apps which allow you to borrow money before your payday. Below, we detail the types of different borrowing services you can rely on instead of Earnin.

Payday Loans Like Earnin

A payday loan is a type of short-term lending in which a borrower offers credit at a high rate of interest based on your earnings. Its principal is usually a percentage of your next paycheck. Payday loans have high-interest rates since they are used for short-term, urgent credit. They are also known as checks that serve as excellent or cash advance loans.

A payday loan often includes the following features:

  • The loans are for modest sums, and many states have a cap on the size of payday loans. The usual borrowing limit is $500. However, restrictions might be higher or lower.
  • A payday loan is often returned in a single payment on the lender’s next payday and whenever income from some other source, such as a pension or Social Security, is received. The loan is generally due two to four weeks from the date it was issued. The payday loan agreement specifies the exact due date.
  • To repay the loan, you typically submit a post-dated check for the whole sum, including fees, or you authorize the lender to electronically withdraw the cash from your bank, credit union, or prepaid card account. If you do not return the loan by the due date, the lender has the option to cash the check or electronically remove funds from your account.
  • A payday lender will not evaluate your capacity to repay the loan while fulfilling your other financial commitments.
  • The loan proceeds may be delivered to you in cash or cheque, transferred electronically to your account, or loaded onto a prepaid debit card.

Instalment Loans Like Earnin

Instalment loans, often known as instalment credit, are closed-ended credit accounts that you repay over time. They may or may not feature anything of interest. Continue reading to discover more about the various types of instalment loans as well as how they function.

When you get an instalment loan, you get the money you borrowed or the item you bought right away. You pay it off in regularly planned instalments, known as instalments, often with interest. You generally owe the same amount on every payment for a specified period of weeks, months, or years. When the loan is fully repaid, the account is closed down.

An available credit account, such as a credit card, is an alternative to an instalment loan. Revolving credit, as opposed to instalment credit, is not limited in time. It can be utilized and paid off several times if the account is active and in good standing.

When you pick out an instalment loan, you borrow a certain amount of money and make predetermined monthly payments until the debt is paid off.

YOU might repay an instalment loan over months or years. Its interest rate might be constant or variable, which means it could rise or fall in the future. Additional expenses, such as initiation or late fees, may apply to instalment loans. Before taking out an instalment loan, it’s critical to thoroughly read the lease agreement to know precisely how much you’ll pay.

Cash Loans Like Earnin

A cash loan is a type of short-term borrowing meant to assist consumers in swiftly covering unforeseen costs. Cash loans are often for modest quantities of up to 1000 pounds and must be repaid within a few months to a year.

We understand how inconvenient and time-consuming it may be to apply with a traditional lender. The problem is that they don’t always provide tiny quantities of money for relatively short periods. This is why, if you need cash urgently, a quick loan from an internet broker like Little Loans may be a feasible and cheap option.

Apps Like Earnin – 5 Best Fully Reviewed

1. Viva Payday Loans

VivaPaydayLoans.com is a leading online payday loan company that serves all types of wrong credit customers in dire need of rapid cash from a reputable source. The loan amount offered on Viva Payday Loans ranges from $200 to $5000, with payback terms ranging from 2 to 24 months.

From the broker’s end, a qualified borrower needs to fill out and make an application. This application is immediately reviewed and shared with reputable lenders known to grant loans in as little as 2 minutes.

Applicants must follow the loan broker’s regulations and provide personal information such as credit statements, proof of domicile, income, and other verified information. When a loan is granted, the necessary funds are transferred immediately into the lender’s bank account.


  • This platform offers same-day payouts.
  • The application is straightforward
  • Loan approval takes around 2 minutes.
  • Use the money for whatever you want.
  • Acceptance of candidates with poor credit
  • There is no collateral.


  • Not available in all states.

2. Credit Clock

Most people recognize Credit Clock as a trustworthy short-term loan broker specialising in payday, bad credit, and other types of personal loans ranging from $200 to $5000. Credit Clock is an excellent choice if you need a quick approval payday loan online without a credit check.

The approval process is quick and straightforward. Borrowers who fulfil the minimal earning standards shown on Credit Clock’s website are eligible. This loan provider is only available to American citizens with permanent residences.


  • It only takes a few minutes to approve a loan.
  • Money is sent within 24 hours.
  • A portal that is legal and secure.


  • Borrowers must earn at least $1000 per month to be eligible.

3. Money Lender Squad

Money Lender Squad allows you to acquire a low-interest loan without a guarantor if you reside anywhere in the United States. This portal also offers bad credit payday loans that do not require a credit check. Repayment can be accomplished in 24 months or little more than 60 days (for quick payday loans).

Applying for a loan with Money Lender Squad is a straightforward online procedure that saves time and paperwork. Their automated method sends loan applications to prospective lenders who can approve the loan quickly.


  • Loans with longer durations are available.
  • The online application method is swift, dependable, and simple to use.
  • There is no need for a guarantor.


  • A poor credit score would result in exorbitant interest rates.

4. Very Merry Loans

Very Merry Loans is also an online platform that assists borrowers in locating and connecting with some of the major lenders in the United States. This portal helps those with a financial emergency who want immediate cash despite having a poor credit score. Loan applicants benefit from quick approval of online loans, which require less than a minute to register and 60 minutes to obtain.

Unlike many of its competitors, this online lending site adheres to a straightforward business plan and collaborates with several trustworthy lenders in the industry. The loan size ranges from $200 to $5000, allowing applicants to borrow appropriate money for their financial circumstances. Repayment durations range from seven to 31 days for $200 loans and two to twenty-four months for extended long-term loans.


  • Borrowers with bad credit and no credit are also eligible.
  • Long-term financing is available.
  • Quick approval.


  • Fees and interest rates vary depending on where you live.

5. Heart Paydays

Heart Paydays is a well-known loan company in the United States. It enables residents in the city’s busiest areas to obtain immediately authorized online loans, even if they have poor credit.

Consequently, banks and other financial organizations will not consider loan applications from people with bad credit. This company offers loans ranging from $200 to $2000 that you must repay within 60 days.

Heart Payday provides a platform and a wide range of services that allow clients to apply for bad credit online loans in as little as five minutes. Heart Paydays is well-known for accepting candidates turned down by other lenders for an online bad credit loan. Loan distribution takes an hour at the most and up to a day at the most.


  • There will be no need for needless phone calls or documentation.
  • Loan disbursement generally takes one hour.
  • It offers short-term loans with the lowest APR.


  • Certain loan offers include exorbitant costs.

Features of Cash Advance Loans

1. Flexible Loan Amounts

Most online payday loans provide quick cash loans varying from $100 to $5,000.

While it varies per lender, companies such as vivapaydayloans.com guarantee to match a user with a suitable lender who can handle their unique loan application.

That being stated, it is suggested to borrow according to your needs—even if it may be tempting to seek the most significant amount possible.

2. Fewer requirements

Several no credit check payday loans have more minor application requirements than conventional personal loans. In most situations, they demand evidence of income, an existing, legitimate bank account, personal information such as ID proof, and proof of age to obtain quick approval.

3. No credit check

Payday loans, unlike traditional loans, do not require a credit history. Because they do not examine your credit history, there will be no complicated credit queries, which can lower your credit score by a few percent. Payday loans, except for a few exceptional cases, will not help you develop the credit you’ll need to go on to better financial options in the future.

4. Easy to apply

The most critical aspect of payday loans is their ease of availability. Most lenders believe it’s possible to offer cash in as little as 24 hours, regarded as quick approval payday loans.

Some even include application forms and are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Payday loans without a credit check, unlike traditional loans, may be done in a few minutes.

5. Quick Borrowing Decision

Traditional loan applicants must wait an extended period for their loan to be authorized. The online system at Viva Payday Loans is meant to provide clients with an almost quick answer to their credit applications. After completing the application, it is typically just a few minutes before getting the cash they have requested.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cash Loans


Keep Control of the Company

A bank makes a loan to a business based on the worth of the firm and its projected capacity to service the debt by making timely and complete payments. Unlike equity financing, in which the company issues shares, banks do not hold any stock in the company.

Bank employees are also not involved in any part of a firm’s operation to whom a bank has made a loan. This means that you ghetto maintain complete administration and control of your firm, with no outside influence.

Loan is Temporary

Once a company borrower has paid off a loan, they have no further responsibility or engagement with the bank lender until they take out another loan. In contrast, in equity financing, the firm can pay out dividends to shareholders throughout the business.

Interest is Tax-Deductible

The interest on commercial bank loans is tax-deductible. Furthermore, especially with fixed-rate loans, where the interest rate does not vary during the loan term, loan servicing payments stay constant throughout the loan’s life.

This makes budgeting and planning for monthly loan instalments easier for firms. Even if the loan is adjustable-rate, company owners may use a spreadsheet program to calculate future payments if interest rates change.


Tough to Qualify

One of the most significant drawbacks of bank loans is that they have been extremely challenging to get unless a small firm has been challenging to grasp unless a small firm has a considerable track record or valuable collateral such as real estate.

Banks take care to lend only to companies that can repay their debts, and they also ensure that they can cover losses in the case of failure.

You may demand personal guarantees of business lenders, which implies that the lender’s assets may be confiscated if the firm fails and cannot repay all or portion of a loan.

High-Interest Rates

Bank interest rates on small-enterprise loans can be costly, and the amount of bank capital for which a firm qualifies is frequently insufficient for all of its demands.

The high-interest rate on the capital that a firm does obtain frequently stifles its growth since the business must not only service the loan but also deal with extra funding to offset funds not given by the bank.

Loans backed by the U.S. The Small Business Administration delivers excellent terms than other lenders, but the qualifications for these subsidized bank loans are pretty stringent.

Eligibility Criteria

You must fulfil the following requirements to be qualified to apply for payday loans poor credit online through any of the portals as mentioned above:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • US citizen or registered (legal) permanent residence
  • Proof of income from any source of at least $1,000 each month
  • Have a valid government-issued ID and the following documents: bank statements, salary stubs, and address evidence
  • An active bank account

How To Apply For Cash Apps Like Earnin At Viva Payday Loans

Applying for a benefits loan should not be a time-consuming and challenging procedure. It has been evidenced that you have a lot on your plate and would want to get your financial issue resolved as soon as feasible.

With this in mind, there is a design for a quick and straightforward benefit loan application procedure that only takes a few minutes. The easy processes for applying for a personal loan are outlined here.

Step 1 – Select How Much to Borrow

Use the form on this page to choose how much you’d like to borrow and how long you want to pay it back. Viva Payday Loans provide loans of up to $5000 for 3 – 6 months. To avoid future difficulties, make sure that your loan conditions are practical and how you can consistently pay this back on schedule.

Step 2 – Provide Additional Information

Once you’ve determined how much you’d like to borrow, you’ll need to supply them with some more information so that they can decide whether or not you’re eligible for a loan. All information you submit will be kept strictly secret and never shared with anyone other than your lender and us.

Step 3 – Wait for a Decision

After completing our form, you will receive a verdict on whether or not you can grant a loan within 2 minutes. Regardless of credit history, the majority of individuals are easily linked with a third-party independent lender.

Funds are accessible as soon as the following business day if you are linked with a third-party independent lender, and further instructions will be supplied.

Request your Cash Advance at Our Top Rated Provider – Viva Payday Loans


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