All Win launches e-wallet service with FamilyMart

  • By Kao Shih-ching / Staff Reporter

All Win Co Ltd (全盈支付) yesterday launched its electronic payment service, the first to be managed by a supermarket chain in Taiwan.

Taiwan FamilyMart Co (全家便利商店), the country’s second largest convenience store chain with 4,000 stores nationwide, is a major shareholder in All Win.

The new e-payment company expects to attract at least 1.5 million users by the end of the year, All Win president Liu Mei-lin (劉美玲) said at a news conference in Taipei.

Photo: CNA

The service awards users a reward point for every dollar spent at FamilyMart stores, Liu said.

Users can redeem the points at FamilyMart stores or its distribution partners, such as Ikari Coffee (怡客咖啡) and various restaurants, she said.

All Win plans to integrate 10,000 physical and digital stores into its service, she added.

Regarding how the e-payment service would outperform a similar service offered by President Chain Store Corp (統一超商), the country’s largest convenience store operator, Liu said All Win is focusing on will focus on working with retailers in different sectors to expand its customer base.

“President Chain is focused on vertical integration, including its subsidiaries – units of Uni-President Enterprises Corp (統一企業) – into its e-wallet service. In comparison, we would focus on horizontal alliances by partnering with different companies in multiple sectors,” Liu said.

All Win believes an open platform would help attract customers, she said.

That’s why All Win’s e-payment service accepts credit cards from all local banks, while other e-payment services are limited to certain banks’ credit cards, Liu said.

Although E.Sun Commercial Bank (玉山銀行) is the company’s second-largest shareholder with an 18 percent stake, All Win would allow users to link their credit cards regardless of the issuing bank, since people already have their own preference for credit cards have said Liu.

It would also differentiate its service through microfinance products such as online loans offered by E.Sun Bank and a buy-now-pay-later program offered by NP Taiwan Inc (恩沛).

It would also allow users to deposit cash into their accounts at FamilyMart stores, allowing those without a credit card or those who don’t want to link their bank accounts to the service to continue using it, the company said.

Liu was previously a vice president at E.Sun Bank but resigned when she joined All Win to comply with Financial Supervisory Commission regulations.

Neither Liu nor All Win chairman Hsueh Dong-du (薛東都), who is also president of FamilyMart, said that assuming All Win would turn a profit, they said that the company is optimizing its service would give priority.

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