Author’s Tranquility Press supports Anthony B. Smellie, The Prophecy of a Planet: The Meeting

Author’s Tranquility Press, a leading publishing house and media agency, is supporting talented author Anthony B. Smellie as he publishes “The Prophecy of a Planet: The Meeting”, the first part of the book series by science fiction

Author’s Tranquility Press has partnered with Anthony B. Smellie, an author known for writing incredible children’s books such as David and the Wizard: Something about Bullies. Along with other sci-fi stories like A Conflict-of-Interest UES Galaxy Fights for our Future, and crime drama story Knights Private Eyes – (not yet published). With the NEW release of his fantasy adventure series, The Prophecy of a Planet. Starting with The meetingfollowed by Veloian Clan Ambush Part 1and Betrayed from within, Gone without Tracy– coming soon, and revenge ambush part 2-Coming soon. With his stories, Anthony seeks to take his readers and fans on a fantastical fantasy journey to distant worlds.

As my stories evolved, they started to take on a life of their own. Resulting from the chapter fantasy book series, Prophecy of a Planet. Writing this sparks ideas for other books such as Knights Private Eyes.” –Anthony B. Smellie.

The decision by Author’s Tranquility Press is part of the company’s goal to promote quality content by writers, regardless of genre, as the company has apparently delved into territories that most media agencies and advertising would stay away. Anthony B. Smellie deservedly caught the attention of Author’s Tranquility Press, thanks to the amazing plot of The prophecy of a planet: the encounter, which will take readers to a realm of uncharted waters.

The story

The prophecy of a planet: the encounter, follow the chronicles of Matoca’s adventures, as he makes a pact with the Dark-One. Discover how he used the power entrusted to him to dominate the domain of Icka. Follow the journey with Veloian Clan users as they uncover the statement made by Matoca and the creation of four Veloian talismans to stop him. This leads to a series of events involving Scarra, Yar, and Draka in Matoca’s Kazar.

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About Anthony B. Smellie

Anthony B. Smellie is a writer who honed his skills by drawing on his childhood and adult experience reading comics and fantasy books. The author aims to use his skills to write stories for children as well as lovers of crime, drama, sci-fi and fantasy.

About the Author’s Tranquility Press

Author’s Tranquility Press is a leading advertising agency specializing in helping writers of all genres reach a wider audience. The company relies on the latest technologies and the expertise of the team to deliver quality and relevant content to as many people as possible around the world.

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