Best-selling author Patricia Cornwell says she is NOT “Delta Karen” after wave of posts

Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell has cleared the air around her involvement in last week’s incident that saw a senior attacked violently inside a Tampa-Atlanta Delta flight. The victim, Russell Miller, was reportedly spat out by ex-NFL cheerleader Patricia Cornwall. But many people mistook Cornwall for author Cornwell and apparently started making “strange calls” to harass her.

So the 65-year-old writer took to Twitter and wrote, “Those who ask. No, it’s not me. Several of her fans then supported her. One person wrote: “It’s terrible to be criticized because the names are similar to yours. Some people have obvious mental health issues and have poor judgment like this woman on the plane. She behaves badly, but social media should omit the names because it does more harm than good to everyone involved. A second supporter tweeted: “NO, she is absolutely NOT YOU. This is however, thanks again for your clarification. “What a mistake! But everyone knows her not @ 1pcornwell, she is a wonderful and sweet person, just check her Twitter. It’s the thing when you don’t read well. Buy her books and train your mind, ”one user commented.


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One person said, “You were the first person that came to mind just because of the name. But I knew it couldn’t be you because I knew you were better than that. Another added: “It’s terrible when there are these mistakes, due to inattention, they should read better and educate themselves and know that you are absolutely not a person doing these things.” “Oh, that kind of behavior is really not you!” I feel bad that some may have made this mistake of identity. It would be obvious that they didn’t know anything about you as a person! A tweet read.

Author Patricia Cornwell with her Crime Thriller of the Year award for “Book of the Dead” at the Galaxy British Book Awards held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on April 9, 2008, in London, England. (Photo by Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

Many have also criticized Cornwall for its alleged violent behavior. “People go out of their way to rude 2b these days … and sometimes that gets them in trouble.” Sometimes it even kills them. Miss Cornwall’s stupid move will cost her time and money, but it was all avoided with just a little human kindness from her, ”one user remarked. Another surprisingly asked, “Wow! What’s wrong with people? What happened to patience, love and kindness for our neighbor? “

The former Baywatch actress was arrested by the FBI for the December 23 incident after allegedly punching the 69-year-old. Pursuant to a criminal complaint, Cornwall went to use the plane’s washroom and on her return as she attempted to regain her seat, she was asked to take a vacant seat for a period of time as a flight attendant was serving the food.

Patricia Cornwall was allegedly responsible for the December 23 incident (Walton County Sheriff’s Office)

But that apparently angered her and she asked the staff member, “What am I, Rosa Parks?” while referring to “the first lady of civil rights”, who refused to leave her seat in the front of a bus in Alabama in 1955. Cornwall’s remark caught the attention of Miller, who then called him said she “isn’t black … this is not Alabama and this is not a bus.” The man also said “Sit down, Karen”, to which she did. He replied, “Sit f ***.” After which, the altercation escalated, resulting in his arrest.

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