Business News | Best-selling author Shrinit Badiyani judges writing competition at NM Umang cultural festival 2022

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India]October 1 (ANI/PNN): Shrinit Badiyani, the author of two best-selling contemporary romance novels, was recently invited as a judge for the NW Umang 2022 writing contest, one of the biggest festivals Annual Intercollegiate Cultures of Asia.

Shrinit, the author of spiritual fiction ‘That Unique Power’ and romance novels ‘The Pact of Love’ and ‘Lovenesia’ was asked to judge ‘Conspirize Me!’ at NarseeMonjee College of Commerce & Economics in Mumbai on September 17, 2022.

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The competition was organized by the Literary Arts Department of NM Umang and saw the participation of students from over 15 top colleges in Mumbai.

“It was my privilege to be invited as a judge to the 2022 NM Umang Writing Contest. It was great to connect with the young talents, many of whom have a natural flair for writing and are lucky enough to “ready thinking skills. I was happy to share my experience as an author and writer with young audiences,” Shrinit says of her experience.

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The young author advised teams to keep it short and to the point to emphasize the importance of what’s known as the uplifting pitch in the writing world. “Less is more! This is the time when you need to grab the attention of the audience surfing Instagram Reels,” was his advice to budding young writers.

With a degree in screenwriting, Shrinit has a knack for writing movie reviews and also writes blogs on topics ranging from 90s nostalgia to women’s issues, which can be found on her site. Web,

He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others, whether young aspiring writers looking for advice on how to succeed, students looking for career guidance, or professionals looking for motivation. He is currently writing his fourth novel, which will be a collection of five short stories based on today’s changing relationship dynamics with diverse but uniquely connected settings and characters.

“The Pact of Love” is thematically based on a second chance, “Lovenesia” is an interesting story with a dark moment that changes the lives of the two ex-lovers forever. “That Unique Power”, being spiritual fiction, gives answers to a distressed young mind using magical realism. All of his books are available on Amazon Kindle and other global distribution platforms.

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