DPR today passes law on personal data protection

TEMPO.CO, jakartaThe House of Representatives (DPR) will pass the Personal Data Protection Act today, September 20, 2022.

“The meetings of the Steering Committee of the House of Representatives (Bamus) and the Heads of State and Government have decided to submit the bill to the plenary session tomorrow for ratification as law,” Speaker of the House Puan Maharani said Monday, September 19 2022 in Jakarta.

She hopes that the new regulation will protect every citizen from all forms of misuse of personal data. “The ratification of the draft law will be a milestone for Indonesia in protecting the personal data of its citizens from all forms of crime in today’s digital age,” said the PDIP politician.

The final draft law, under discussion since 2016, consists of 371 problem inventories (DIM) and produces 16 chapters and 76 articles. The number of articles has increased by 4 compared to the original government proposal at the end of 2019.

“So there will be no more tears caused by online lending they didn’t ask for or doxxing causing public uneasiness,” Puan said.

She also hoped that the government will soon enact the bill so that its derived rules, including the establishment of a supervisory body to protect people’s personal information, could be implemented quickly.

“Through the law, the state will guarantee people’s right to the security of their personal data,” Puan Maharani said. She also thanked the government for its cooperation in drafting the Personal Data Protection Law with the DPR.


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