Federal Council rejects request for a new reactor at INL | Local

IDAHO FALLS – The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Thursday denied a license to Oklo Inc., a California-based company, seeking to develop the world’s first commercial reactor to generate electricity while reducing nuclear waste.

The microreactor, known as the Oklo Aurora, is designed to work with materials recovered from used nuclear fuel and is intended to be built at the Idaho National Laboratory site west of Idaho Falls. . This new type of fuel is called HALEU, an acronym for “high assay, low-enriched uranium”.

In its letter announcing the denial, the NRC wrote: “Because Oklo did not provide sufficient information… without prejudice. … “

The denial letter details a months-long round trip between the NRC and Oklo in which the agency requested more information. In its denial, the NRC said it had “insufficient information to establish a timetable or to conduct a full review of the Aurora Custom Combination License application.”

The NRC’s denial of the license application is “without prejudice and does not prevent Oklo from filling the information gaps that NRC staff have identified and resubmitting a license application in the future. “, indicates the letter.

The letter indicated that a notice of denial would be published in the Federal Register and that Oklo could require a hearing within 30 days of the date of publication in the Federal Register.

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