Grey’s Anatomy author under investigation for fabricating medical history

A Grey’s Anatomy writer and consulting producer is would have is being investigated by Disney’s human resources and legal departments after she allegedly fabricated parts of her medical history while in the writers’ room of the long-running ABC series. On Thursday, ABC confirmed the Los Angeles Times this Elizabeth Finch—a 44-year-old writer who worked on Shonda Rhimesthe flagship show since 2014 – had been placed on administrative leave pending a review.

Finch, also known for her work on the vampire diary and true blood, is being investigated for allegedly embellishing elements of her medical history, some of which she used as plot points on Grey’s Anatomy, according to a trade newsletter report”the pinner.” His unique perspective would have helped establish him as a vital presence in the writers room. As the report notes, Finch had written extensively about his past medical experiences in personal trials for She, The Hollywood Reporter, and the Rhimes site Shondaland, describing the diagnosis of a rare form of bone cancer and abortion during chemotherapy. Finch also wrote that she lost a kidney and part of her leg. In test, she wrote that she had to have knee replacement surgery, only to find she had been misdiagnosed by a former doctor, whom she eventually confronted. Her too alleged that she had been verbally and sexually abused by a male director on The Vampire Diaries.

Finch wrote more than a dozen episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, including the standout 2015 episode “Silent All These Years,” which was about a rape victim. Finch also appeared in this episode, in a non-speaking role as a nurse. According to “The Ankler”, the episode was based on a personal experience Finch had while on a Writers Guild of America West-organized tour of UCLA’s rape treatment center in Santa Monica.

When “The Ankler” called Finch for comment, she reportedly refused to speak before hanging up. On Thursday, the outlet received an email from a lawyer Andrew Bretler at Lavely & Singer, saying, “Mrs. Finch is not going to discuss his private health issues with you or any other reporters.

At this time, it’s unclear why Finch’s medical history has been questioned or what aspects of her medical history she would have embellished. According to ‘The Ankler’, Finch is currently going through divorce proceedings with his wife. Jennifer Beyer, a registered nurse in Topeka, Kansas. “The Ankler” reached out to Beyer for comment and she said the following, “I’m currently trying for a divorce. I don’t know what’s safe and best right now. I’m in a lot of pain. Asked about the alleged embellishments Finch’s medicals, Beyer stopped and replied, “I’m going to let you go now.” A source close to the show told “The Ankler” that Beyer had called Shondaland and Disney executives to alert them. of Finch’s alleged deceptions “Apart from Beyer’s appeals regarding Finch’s alleged deceptions, there is no other evidence available that Finch lied,” the bulletin said.

In his email to “The Ankler,” Brettler wrote that Finch “will not discuss his impending divorce from ex-wife, Jennifer (Beyer), or comment on any statements Jennifer may have made to third parties about of Mrs. Finch”.

“There was so much craziness in her life and she was so cryptic and private and it was always like, what’s the story here? It often sounded like a carrot, but I just thought we were dealing with someone who was extremely insecure but not some kind of mastermind,” an unnamed former colleague told “The Ankler.”

vanity lounge has contacted Shondaland and ABC for comment.

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