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What does it mean to read as a writer? Novelist and scholar Belinda Castles posed this question to twenty-five writers and gathered their thoughts into a generous analytical collection of essays in which each writer spoke about the work of another writer or an individual novel, such as a way to talk about reading and its impact. . Kate spoke to Belinda and two of the other contributors to this collection (Debra Adelaide and Nicholas Jose), with thoughts on how reading works.

Plus, detective writer Will Dean explains what it means to live in a secluded cabin in Sweden, where wolves howl and moose roam, and how this place found its place in his writing and the character of Tuva Moodyson. He also reveals the library that influenced him, in conversation with Kate.

And Cassie and Kate talk to Big Weekend of Books 2021 curator Michaela Kalowski about what’s to come.


Castles of Belinda (ed), Read like an Australian writer, New South

Will Dean, Dark pines, Red snow, Bad apples (the Tuva Moodyson series), Bloomsbury


Michaela Kalowski, Curator, RN’s Big Weekend of Books

Belinda Castles, novelist and literary scholar. Editor, Read like an Australian writer. In her essay for this collection, she focuses on Peter Carey Oscar and Lucinda

Debra Adelaide, writer whose books include the collection of short stories Zebra and the collection of essays, The innocent reader. In Read like an Australian writer, she focuses on Kate Jennings Snake

Nicholas Jose, writer whose books include the novel Paper nautilus and non-fiction Arabic phone. In Read like an Australian writer, it focuses on the work of JM Coetzee Elisabeth costello

Will Dean, Sweden-based crime writer whose books include the Tuva Moodyson series

Other books mentioned in the discussion

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Colm McCann, Letters to a Young Writer: Some Practical and Philosophical Advice

Peter Carey, Oscar and Lucinda

Kate Jennings, Snake

JM Coetzee, Elisabeth costello

Shirley Jackson, work

Stephen King, work

Yaa Gyasi, Back home

Cormac McCarthy, There is no country for old people

James Lee Burke, works

Chris Whitaker, We start at the end

Dennis Lehane, works

Gillian Flynn, works

Henning Mankell, works

Stieg Larsson, works

Peter Høeg, Miss Smilla’s feeling for the snow

SA Cosby, Razor blade tears


Magnetic heads, The street

The tallest man on earth, Weather of a murderous kind

Sascha Astrid, Be alone

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