Inspirational local author writes more engaging books

Cambodian author Thoeun Sothea specializes in self-help books with positive ideas. Photo provided

Author Thoeun Sothea’s first book – titled Black People – was published in January 2021. It is an inspiring memoir about the author’s experiences growing up in Cambodia that illustrates the Kingdom’s problems as well as its potential opportunities and it tries to show the impacts that the decisions the author made during his life.

After the publication of his first book, he said he was greatly encouraged by the response he received from readers, so much so that it gave him the impetus to be able to write his second book and publish it seven months later. late July 2021.

Sothea’s second work, Neang Sakhorn, is a novel about a woman with widely varying experiences, including some of life’s most bitter and undesirable events that she is eventually able to overcome.

Continuing their hot streak and fast pace of writing, in January 2022, Sothea released another book titled You Are The Greatest. It is a non-fiction work of motivational and self-help insights, insights and ideas linked to practical examples from Khmer society.

In the book, Sothea writes about cultivating the right mindset and positive energy that will allow us to be content with what we have but also brave enough to dare to do what we need to achieve our goals. and become a person who is valuable to society and the planet.

Now, due to her love for writing and her rapidly developing writing career, Sothea has released her fourth book in September 2022, titled If You Are Poor. His latest book is another inspiring self-help volume that pulls no punches in its discussion of what life in poverty is like.

The book describes the life of the poor and their difficulties while giving hope to those who are poor that they may one day escape these challenges.

“I have a big dream. I want to be a famous writer. I want to share knowledge that gives a positive mindset about life experiences to the next generation, to those who are weak and to you,” writes he in the author’s preface.

“At the beginning, I just liked to read books to acquire new knowledge as well as a lot of new ideas. Then I started to share the importance of reading with all the people around me. Later, I noticed the effectiveness of reading to inspire people and so I encouraged reading, especially because I want to share what I know will benefit many people, which ultimately led to my decision to start posting my own books.” he adds.

Sothea was born in 1985 as the second child of six siblings. Her parents live in Thmey village of Rong Roeung commune, Thpong district of Kampong Speu province.

He graduated from Odong High School in 2006, then earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2010 from the International University of Phnom Penh.

He has donated his books to libraries, schools, organizations and many individual readers for free, but they are also available for purchase for those wishing to support his career.

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