Intergovernmental gang scams people under pretense of facilitating loans blasted by Delhi police, 4 arrested

An intergovernmental gang that had scammed people under the pretense of facilitating online loans has been arrested by Delhi police. Police arrested four people and also confiscated SIM cards and debit cards from them.

An intergovernmental gang who scammed people under the pretense of enabling online loans have been arrested by Delhi police (Photo: India Today)

Delhi Police Cyber ​​Police Station has arrested a gang of criminals for allegedly scamming people under the pretense of facilitating online loans. The defendants were identified as Deepak Patwa, Sunil Kumar, Dev Kishan and Suresh Singh.

Police also seized ATM cards, debit cards, seven mobile phones, a laptop, a dongle, a tablet, chequebooks, a BMW car, savings books and Rs 20,000 in cash from the suspect’s possession.

The matter came to light when Nadeem Saifi filed a complaint with the Rohini Cyber ​​Police Station. According to the victim, he received a text message on his cell phone that the loan he had applied for had been approved. The complainant claimed that he received a WhatsApp call and was asked to deposit 5 percent of the loan amount in advance. He was scammed out of Rs 40,000 and the scammer became unresponsive on WhatsApp.


During the police investigation, it was found from a money trail that the fraudulent amount was transferred to bank accounts with Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh. It was found that more than Rs 75 lakhs were transferred to the bank accounts within two days.

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The defendant used to transfer money defrauded via UPI to various bank accounts and then convert it to cryptocurrency. Technical surveillance revealed the defendants were operating out of Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh.


Police raided Chittorgarh in Rajasthan and four people were arrested. The accused told police that he got this idea of ​​scamming people from the social media platform YouTube.

“You come into contact via telegram with a Chinese citizen who has been defrauding innocent people under the pretense of enabling online credit the scammers via telegram. The defendant used to transfer fraudulent money to various bank accounts via UPI and then convert it to cryptocurrency by buying USDT from fraudulent money on the Binance Crypto Exchange. The arrested defendant Deepak Patwa earlier received a commission in USDT and later cashed it into his account and through Hawala,” police said.

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