Is the Salon writer right that Donald Trump’s long affair is nearing its final act? UPDATED


Combined with the prospects of losing money and/or going to jail, Trump could be in deep denial there’s a chance he’s allowed himself to wonder who, if anyone. denounced. This could cause him to trust no one, to grow increasingly suspicious of people he thought were loyalists.

Talking heads on MSNBC are speculating who, if anyone, “freaked out” about Trump. Depending on what Trump knows about how and where the seized documents were found, he may be worried that someone he trusts will let him know.

This could go far beyond mere distrust of those who had knowledge of the Mar a Lago documents, but turn into pure paranoia. By this I mean he becomes anxiously obsessed with looking for signs that just about everyone in his world may be the Rat.

Consider: Trump would be a paranoid wreck, wondering which of his buddies is a “rat” and if any friends are carrying UPROXX threads.

Therapists like me who have tried to figure out whether or not Trump’s psychopathology might end up with him having a psychotic breakdown that’s almost impossible to hide, think of him having conversations with hallucinations or anxious cries of gibberish. Alternatively, he could sink into a deep depression, so severe that he is unable to function, think he can’t get out of bed in the morning.

Trump can be seen as a psychological aberration when in fact he is not. As Mary Trump pointed out, he is psychologically insecure and hides his frailty behind a mask of narcissism and bravado. The more he feels isolated, the closer he can get to it. If he begins to see the prospect of losing everything, from his money to his freedom, go from impossible to possible, the more I would consider the chances of him succumbing to a debilitating psychiatric disorder.

I wrote this in 2020: What Psychotherapists Can’t Tell Us About Donald Trump. Why is he lying? Will he become psychotic?

Also: Psychiatrist warns Trump may be ‘at significant risk of deteriorating into full-blown psychosis’ by Kerry Eleveld

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