Jack Reacher Author Lee Child Teases Potential Future on Amazon

Although the first season has only just landed on Amazon Prime, writer Child, who has written a book every year without fail since 1997, with issue 27 due out in October, has already hinted at the possibility of “26 seasons additional”.

“By October there will be 27 books, so there are 26 seasons to go, and I will be around 100 by then,” he told reporters, including RadioTimes.com.

“And it would work for me. But like everything in showbiz, everyone knows that, it’s not up to me. It does not depend on any of us. It’s up to the viewer to decide. Are they going to like it? And I think so, they are.”

He added: “Nothing is ever certain but they’re going to love it I think, and when you have a show that people love, why not do a second season? Why not do a third? Why not do A 27th? By then, I will have written more. It could last forever, literally until death by the heat of the universe.

As for what to expect from a possible next adaptation, Child has some ideas but admitted nothing is set in stone.

“I haven’t read the books. I’ve written them. I’ve never read them again. I know them by reputation, what other people tell me about him,” Child noted.

He continued, “And there are some that are really popular. And I think what was so great about that first season is that Reacher’s loneliness is soothed by his relationships with other people, and I I’d like to see more. And there’s a couple of books that really stand out in that sense. So maybe one of them.

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher in Amazon’s Reacher

Meanwhile, speaking of the next possible adaptation, star Ritchson added: “Die Trying is one of my favorites but you can go sequentially, each one gets better the last. Would love to do Die Trying at one point.

“Again, just like they don’t pay me to write, they don’t pay me for my ideas either, so I guess I’m at the mercy of smarter people.”

We’ll have to wait and see how successful Reacher is.

Reacher is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Check out more of our drama coverage or visit our TV guide to see what’s on tonight.

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