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At Catherine Fogarty’s Murder Inside: The True Story of the Killing Riot at Kingston Penitentiary is a compelling story of an uprising that took place in April 1971. In order to draw attention to the the dehumanizing realities of life inside the penitentiary – including overcrowding, harsh punishments and extreme isolation – incarcerated people took the guards hostage and tried to negotiate before things took a tragic turn .

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Catherine Fogarty will join us online on November 23 at 7 p.m. Register to join us at or call (613) 476-5962. If you need help or technology to reach out, call and we’ll help you.

Catherine Fogarty is a storyteller. She is the founder and president of Big Coat Media and Story Hunter Podcasts. An accomplished television producer, screenwriter and director, Catherine has produced award-winning lifestyle, reality TV and documentary series for Canadian and US networks for over twenty years.

Catherine is the executive producer of the Gemini-nominated series Love It or List It, one of Canada’s most popular lifestyle / reality formats, now in its tenth season on HGTV. Catherine is the author, producer and voice of Story Hunter Podcasts, a true network of criminal podcasts that focuses on historical Canadian criminal stories.

First trained as a social worker, Catherine studied deviance and criminology. She has worked with many populations at risk, including street youth, people with AIDS, women victims of violence and social services. Catherine holds an MA in Social Work (University of Sydney), an MBA in Human Resources Management (University of New England) and an MFA in Non-Fictional Creation from the University of Kings College. . She recently received the Marina Nemet Award in Creative Writing from the Continuing Education Division of the University of Toronto.

Catherine will join the conversation with Lenny Epstein. He is one of the filmmakers behind “Until the cows come home.”

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For two days in the late summer of 2010, hundreds of angry protesters stood outside the Frontenac Prison farm in the heart of Kingston, Ont., Ready to block cattle trucks brought in to remove the dairy herd. centenary. The dramatic clash between protesters and police lasted two days, in pouring rain and scorching sun. It was headlines across the country. An army of black-clad police arrested twenty-four people. The youngest woman arrested was 14, the oldest 85. Till The Cows Come Home tells the story of this extraordinary display of civil disobedience, filled with captivating clashes and a cast of colorful characters, farmers angry at the passionate nuns passing by the endearing ex-inmates. . He asks provocative questions about the Canadian government’s alarming approach to criminal justice, food security… and democracy itself.

It promises to be an interesting discussion. If you are interested in reading Murder inside or watch the DVD recording of ‘ Until the cows come home, both are available at the library. You can ask at any branch of the library.

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