July 3, 2022 – Monterey Herald

100 years of activity

Congratulations to Dave Kellogg, Editor of The Herald, for the outstanding job he has done in producing the special Sunday June 26 section dedicated to the newspaper on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

Having spent almost three decades as a reporter or editor, many of them at the Herald, I can appreciate the number of hours it took Dave to produce this section.

He researched and then wrote about many aspects of what is not only the rich history of the Herald, but also the rich history of the Monterey Peninsula. The section brought back many memories for me and is definitely worth keeping.


—Lewis Leader, Carmel Valley

Provide facilities in all communities

Wait what!? If I read recent Herald history correctly, Seaside High already has a new lot with lights and Marina High is about to get a new lot with lights, but Monterey High can’t move forward because the neighbors who bought their house next to a high school don’t want to be disturbed by high school activities? The reporter cited the mitigation measures put in place by the Monterey High School that ensure that all activities requiring lights will end by 8 p.m., except for five nights a year, but that does not satisfy the neighbors who sue. always the district to stop the improvements? Wow. I honestly can’t believe how entitled these people are. While other communities embrace improvements that will benefit their children, Monterey stands alone in its selfishness. Mute.

—Kevin Mallory, Monterey

Live and let live

In a recent comment by George Will regarding our individual rights, he quotes Thomas Jefferson, who basically says we should just live and let live.

How refreshing in today’s closed rhetorical climate. With this as a platform, I would like to quote my wife whose comment on abortion should be heeded by all. “If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t do it!”

—Bob Kolbrener

Defy reality

The fact that the old POTUS would be selfish enough to endanger America by knowingly lying to those he influences is almost incomprehensible. “Almost” because he was unfit and unqualified to serve in the first place. His bad temper and mental illness were tolerated because he was never taken seriously. His vast heritage and self-indulgent lifestyle were considered an American novelty.

The twice impeached former POTUS has become a threat to democracy by constantly defying reality. He is no longer an American oddity, he is a criminal and should be treated as such.

—Bob Hogue, Pacific Grove

Ketchup controversy

I hope liberals will finally stop criticizing Trump for not being intellectual enough. After all, he single-handedly reignited the fierce academic debate over whether the proper word is “catsup” or “ketchup.”

— Glenn Nolte, Carmel Valley

Pence’s role

I would like to correct a recent claim that Mike Pence was complicit in Trump’s scheme to challenge the election results. It was the exact opposite. Pence stood up and refused to obey Trump’s request not to certify the election results. He took a lot of heat for the decision from Trump and his supporters. The hostility between Trump and Pence is still so intense, I don’t think they could share the same room without attacking each other.

As for the legality of challenging the vote, we can only look to the 2016 election where Democrats accused Russia of tampering with the results with Trump based on the fake Steele dozier. Trump’s accusations of collusion with the Russians have been proven to be false and fabricated.

—Bill Graham, Salinas

Panetta and Biden

I saw the friendly photo of our Rep. Panetta and President Biden in your newspaper recently. It reminded me of Panetta coming to terms with Biden’s overspending and the Democrats’ war on fossil fuels. The resulting inflation, rising gas prices and high interest rates are intolerable. We can’t stand two more years of this. It’s time for a new congressman.

— Vince Tuminello, Pacific Grove

A Taliban nation?

Without realizing it, the United States Supreme Court has made America a Taliban nation. In America as well as in areas controlled by the Taliban, women are no longer in control of their own bodies due to the drastic decision to overthrow Roe against Wade.

Conservatives say they believe in less government and want complete freedom of government. Yet they have achieved the exact opposite. Women’s freedom of choice has been taken away. In fact, she might even go to jail for decisions she makes for herself. It is not freedom. It is tantamount to Talibanism.

This November, all women and men of conscience must vote for the direct Democratic ticket. The composition of Congress must change. America is the land of freedom, even for women. Women must have the right to control their own bodies.

—Dan Presser, Carmel

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