Letter to the editor: Christine Frizzell has my vote


I am writing today in support of Christine Frizzell’s candidacy for mayor of Lynnwood.

In my opinion, there is no other candidate as qualified as Christine to be mayor. During her years of professional accounting experience, she is unmatched as a savvy budgetist and financial controller. She has helped countless private clients improve their fiscal health and has demonstrated the same acumen as a member of Lynnwood City Council.

Add to his great competence in finance, his compassion for everyone. Christine is a strong supporter of diversity, equity and inclusion. His circle of friends, professional contacts and clients include a very wide range of people who can keep “Chris” informed about the concerns of our minority communities and his deep concern for people will continue to inspire him to act on these concerns. No one in Lynnwood has to worry about being “left out” when it comes to Christine. Unlike some, who only talk about helping the homeless, Christine has dedicated countless hours to actually helping the homeless, through the Neighbors in Need food and clothing program and through the Neighbors in Need programs. from the Jean Kim Foundation to the “Shower Station” and to the “Shepherd’s Village”. »On the campus of the Baptist Church of the Good Shepherd.

This compassion also makes her a good person to work with or for. She will always go the extra mile to understand a different point of view, to heal broken relationships, and to find a way forward even when there is an extreme difference of opinion. I’ve never seen her turn her back on someone because of a disagreement.

In my work and in my friendship with Ms. Frizzell, I have found her to be diligent and a woman of her word. If she tells you that she will help you, she will. If she tells you that she will investigate an issue, she will. Unlike some with whom I have served or observed on Lynnwood City Council, Christine has always been well prepared for discussion or action.

Christine Frizzell has my utmost confidence as she runs for Mayor of Lynnwood. She has my vote.

Rev. Mr. Christopher Boyer, Lynnwood

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