Letter to the Editor: Heidi St. John Proves She Can’t Keep Her Word


Jo Porter / Battlefield

It’s time for Heidi St. John to give in.

Joe Kent has once been a relentless soldier of a Congressional candidate, organizing countless town halls and assemblies to listen to voters, and it’s not even close to 2022 yet.

Heidi St. John has chosen to honor us with her wisdom primarily from the comfort of her podcast studio.

Joe Kent has garnered the support of President Trump, Jenna Ellis, General Flynn and, yes, Representatives Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, all patriots who have endured relentless smear campaigns by the media (including this publication.)

Joe Kent’s commitment to America-first politics has already proven to be backed by a backbone of steel, regardless of St. John’s reference to him as a “Johnny-come-” lately ”, which deliberately misleads voters. Joe spent 20 years serving his country overseas in the Special Forces after growing up in Portland. On the contrary, his history in Portland and his choice of home as an adult here in Southwest Washington is a testament to his deep understanding of what Portland has become and what needs to be protected here in the Southwest. from Washington.

Joe brings to it the added perspective of a man who has traveled the world as a Special Forces operator and deeply understands the role of foreign and domestic governments. His experience and understanding of the complex issues we face locally and nationally is exactly what makes him such a unique candidate.

Heidi St. John, by comparison, has already proven that she can’t keep her word. She initially said she would drop out of the race if Trump approved of Joe Kent.

Heidi St. John would make a great community organizer, but Southwest Washington deserves to have a warrior to represent us in Congress as we face unprecedented challenges locally, nationally and globally.

For the sake of your community, Heidi, give up and support Joe Kent who can truly defeat our current RINO representative.

Jo Porter,


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