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MeLoan is an online lender search service developed by Aussies for Aussies with the aim of simplifying the process of obtaining personal loans. It features an intelligent AI system that seamlessly matches applicants with the perfect lender for their needs.

Why MeLoan?

get one private loan from a financial institution has to be one of the most frustrating parts of being an adult. It is intentionally peppered with many hurdles that most people find difficult to overcome. For one thing, lenders usually require extensive documentation from applicants and they have to fill out endless applications. On the other hand, the lender, even if he has managed to overcome this obstacle, can refuse the loan application for reasons that are well known to him. Then there is the matter of choosing the right lender from the many out there. It’s hardly surprising that most Aussies aren’t yet warm to the idea of ​​getting personal loans. However, MeLoan, an online lender, will change this representation.

Who is MeLoan?

meloan is an online lender that bills itself as the premier personal loan provider in Australia. The online lender was formed to improve Australians’ chances of getting a loan thanks to the many lenders it has access to. These lenders, scattered across the country, offer a variety of personal loans ranging from $2,500 to $30,000. Furthermore, this network of lenders means that applicants no longer have to worry about finding the most suitable lender as MeLoan will do the searching for them using its intelligent AI system designed for this purpose.

Our process

Unlike other lenders, you get one online loan MeLoan approval only requires the following 4 simple steps:

1. Apply online: This step requires providing essential details that would help MeLoan match the applicant with the best possible lender. This process takes about 8 minutes as opposed to other similar applications that may take weeks to complete.
2. Get a result: Once MeLoan receives an application, it will take action and respond to the applicant within 24 hours.
3. meet lenders: At this point, MeLoan transfers the applicant to the new lender for final approval and further loan disbursement.
4. Get money: Once the applicant accepts the contract from the lender and agrees to its terms, they will receive the requested money within 1 hour or same day.

The best thing about meloan is that you can do the application at any time and any day of the year. This convenience is definitely in sharp contrast to traditional lending institutions that only operate on set days. Additionally, MeLoan will do everything possible to ensure that every application on its platform receives a fair assessment and approval from its multiple lenders, regardless of the bad history they may have.

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