Mélanie Deysher equity champion at the Montclair School Board (Letter to the editor)

Thom Milkovic on Unsplash

I have the chance to call Mélanie Deysher is a great friend and I have known her since our boys (seniors now) were in kindergarten. My first experience was helping him teach “Grow Lab” at Nishuane. I was very impressed with his commitment to this program, allowing children to plant, cultivate and even make smoothies from the fruits of their labor. She has taken this program to new heights, with a school garden and a tireless dedication to see it thrive.

Over the years, as our children grew, her dedication to every cause or endeavor she was passionate about was accompanied by the same nurturing spirit and relentless care. She is an equity champion and speaks up for those who need help finding their voice. Like those plants in this garden, she works tirelessly to ensure that all children have every opportunity to grow and thrive in this community. She’s literally not afraid to get her hands dirty and roll up her sleeves. She definitely has my vote.

Vicky Roncero

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