Microsoft Word Editor Gets Cleaner and Easier to Use



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  • Microsoft’s Word editor has been updated with a few features.
  • Suggestions and opinions are now easier to access for any user.
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Word Editor becomes cleaner and easier to use

Microsoft Editor is a tool which belongs to the category of grammar proofing tools and which is dedicated to the Microsoft suite.

It is used in several Office 365 applications such as Word or Outlook for the purpose of checking the spelling, tone of voice, and overall accuracy of your copy.

A few days ago, Microsoft has announcement some improvements for Editor, which should make the tool easier, one-click use for suggestions and modifications.

Faster access to a clear and correct copy

With the specified purpose of simplifying the editor, the developers have improved the interface with faster suggestions to achieve the desired result.

The updates can be summarized as follows:

  • Left or right click grammar suggestions (spelling, tone and other smart suggestions)
  • Shift + F10 Where Alt + Down shortcut on any underlined word for full editor suggestions
  • Overall, more emphasis on suggestions.
  • Easier access to experience review.

The new interface will coexist with the old shortcuts to suggestions (single right click or Shift + F10), so as not to affect user productivity, Microsoft said.

To get started, left-click suggestions are visible to Outlook users running Beta of Channel 2010 or later. It will be introduced for Word users running version 2010 (Build 13328.20000)) or later.

Those who have installed the Office suite on Mac will also be able to take advantage of the new options very soon.

If you’ve already started using the new editor options, Microsoft encourages comments for even more improvement.

We would also like to hear your opinion on these changes (maybe compared to other similar tools). Use the comments section to share your opinion with us.


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