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North Strabane resident Cori Wamsley has led a prolific life as a writer, writing novels and children’s books and also running her own publishing company.

There was a 10-year gap between his last novel and his most recent. The reason?

“I had kids,” Wamsley explained last week.

The decade-long passage between his works of fiction will come to an end this week with the launch of “Braving the Shore,” a story about twin sisters reuniting, a traumatic event, their personal journeys, and their ultimate sense of self-discovery. It will be unveiled Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Walnut Grill restaurant in Bridgeville.

She worked on the novels while running Aurora Corialis Publishing, which published works by entrepreneurs telling their stories of resilience and success, as well as more esoteric fare, such as books on German coins and pancreatitis. . Writing “Braving the Shore” took about six weeks, Wamsley said, and she insists writing it actually provided her with a relaxing break from her professional obligations.

“My works are part of my life,” Wamsley explained.

Majoring in English and biology as an undergraduate at West Virginia University, Wamsley worked for nearly eight years as a technical and science writer and editor for the National Energy Technology Laboratory in South Park. Her resume also includes working as a technical writer for the US Department of Justice and as a writing coach.

The market for business books is extraordinarily crowded, with one author or another offering their five tips for success or 10 steps to getting ahead. Wamsley explained that his publishing house’s volumes focus less on lists and more on authors’ personal accounts.

“What we focus on is the narrative aspect,” she said. “There are so many things that can be done by telling your own story.”

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