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What needs to be done

People are treated like slaves by the business elite. People are dying from preventable diseases and cannot get health care. There is no affordable child care, dental care or higher education in this country.

Meanwhile, fires, floods and droughts make people desperate. Worse yet, there is no mental health care either. People want change!

Politicians yearn for big business to keep this horrible system in place. They only offer half measures adding insult to injury.

Everyone knows what to do, tax the rich and help the common man. People want bold and effective legislation that helps ordinary people.

Tom espinosa


Power of Congress

The word “subpoena” is derived from the Latin “subpoena” or “under (threat of) punishment”. Congress retains the power to summon testimony via a subpoena and to execute the summons with arrest and incarceration.

They have acted very timidly since the Nixon era, failing to penalize scofflaws who refuse to show or produce requested information – perhaps fearing they appear “compelling.”

However, Congress must regain the backbone for using force of arrest if necessary. Trump and his ilk, members of his administration – and others – have for too long canceled the convocation of Congress to testify.

The power of subpoena exists in the Constitution as a corollary of legislative inquiry; use it now! We progressives are no good at two shoes. We never wore Lord Fauntleroy, Mary Jane costumes, or frilly dickies; this is how far-right Republicans have portrayed us since the 1964 Civil Rights Act, as they have increasingly strived to corrupt our democratic system, by trying to institute a religious autocracy and keep racism and white domination alive. They have largely succeeded with Trumpies. Congressional progressives must hang up their safeguards and show the courage to pursue congressional subpoenas without relying on the courts for punishment.

Gary R. Collins


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