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For the editor,

Subject: Primary care reform would improve British Columbia’s health, Opinion, 4 May.

This editorial is about providing incentives to improve primary care. I am okay. It’s time we recognized that all of our healthcare professionals are public servants – they are paid solely by the taxpayer and they have no incentive to invest in their own businesses. We could change that and improve our health care system if financial incentives were created.

What about providing a serious tax credit system for those who invest in medical and diagnostic equipment? A doctor or a group of doctors who would invest, for example, in a new ultrasound installation in their practice, could be entitled to a tax credit of 150%.

Does that sound expensive to you? Well yes, but there is no cheap solution to our sick system. So instead of the federal government providing money whose use is determined by provincial bureaucrats, invest that money in funding tax credits and the ongoing costs of running new equipment, and let the professionals in health decide where at least some of our money goes for health care.

I would argue that such a system would attract more young physicians to family medicine if they could profitably invest in their practice and truly treat patients instead of being gatekeepers to specialty and surgical departments.

Michael Hunter, Nanaimo

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