ProtonDx’s Dragonfly Diagnostic System Successfully Deployed at the 2022 Commonwealth Games

5-in-1 breath test panel used to assess elite athletes

LONDON, United Kingdom, August 31, 2022 / B3C Newswire / — Today, ProtonDx, a healthcare technology company developing robust, point-in-time diagnostic solutions, announced that Dragonfly™, its portable and rapid diagnostic system, is a key part of the portfolio of diagnostic tests used by Team Scotland. at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.1 in Birmingham, UK.

Testing at the 2022 Commonwealth Games provided insight into respiratory infections that could have affected individual performance and helped identify any impact on other athletes who may have been potentially exposed. This helped provide “peace of mind” to athletes and coaches before and during the Games. The Scottish team’s request to use the system was a direct result of the very positive experience earlier this year of the British team using Dragonfly at the 2022 Winter Olympics which took place held in Beijing, China.

With proprietary ultra-rapid nucleic acid extraction and isothermal colorimetric detection, the system achieves PCR-equivalent sensitivity and specificity in less than 30 minutes from sample to result. The 5-in-1 Respiratory Test Panel detects Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS‑CoV‑2), Influenza A Virus (IAV), Influenza B Virus (IBV), Respiratory Syncytial Virus ( RSV) and human rhinovirus (HRV) in a single assay.

Dr Niall Elliott, Team Scotland’s chief medical officer, said: “It took years of intense training and focused preparation to get Scotland’s best athletes to compete in the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the biggest Games ever. It was of the utmost importance that my team and I could ensure that our athletes were in top condition and free of several critical respiratory viruses.The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made us more aware of the importance of being able to quickly assess the health of athletes using a highly portable and capable of testing multiple viruses in parallel. With the successful use of Dragonfly in Beijing, we approached ProtonDx to use this diagnostic tool during the Commonwealth Games. We appreciate our strong relationship and coordinated efforts with Team GB and ProtonDx, and appreciate the innovative Dragonfly technology.

Bob Enck, Chairman and President of ProtonDx, said: “Dragonfly’s successful deployment in elite sports is a testament to the reliability, ease of use and portability of the system that we experienced when used by Team GB at the Winter Olympics. Team Scotland wanted access to the independent infectious disease detection and testing capability offered by Dragonfly. Dragonfly is a potential game-changer in the diagnostics industry – delivering fast, cost-effective and reliable results regardless of location. With its value demonstrated at major international sporting events, interest in Dragonfly in sports and other key industries is growing rapidly across Europe.

In June 2022, ProtonDx announced that it had received CE‑IVD Mark for its innovative Dragonfly multipathogen detection diagnostic system. The robust and accurate system is set to help revolutionize the rapid diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases worldwide.

1 Also known as the XXII Commonwealth Games and Birmingham 2022.

About ProtonDx
ProtonDx Ltd was founded in 2020 by Professor Pantelis Georgiou (CEO), Assistant Professor Jesus Rodriguez-Manzano (CSO) and Dr Nicolas Moser (CTO), from Imperial College London to provide ultra-fast molecular testing and extremely accurate to everyone. the point of need to facilitate the detection of infectious pathogens worldwide.
Its core technology is based on a decade of innovative diagnostic research and collaboration between engineering, medicine and molecular biology conducted at Imperial College London by a dedicated multidisciplinary team. The ambition of the ProtonDx team is to ensure that testing can be carried out quickly, accurately and cost effectively, where and when it is needed.

About Dragonfly™
Dragonfly™ is a The Dragonfly system is CE marked and complies with the European In Vitro Diagnostic Devices Directive (IVDD 98/79/EC) and is only commercially available in countries accepting CE-IVD registration. Not available in the United States.

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