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If you’re not good at writing essays and still struggle to deliver a reasonable piece within the time allotted by your teacher, it may be a good idea to use a typing machine from now on.

What is a typist? – These are online software that allow anyone to write an essay on any subject assigned to them by their teacher.

Each essay takes a few minutes to produce and can then be downloaded to your computer and printed. You can then hand it in as your completed assignment.

Reasons to use a typewriter – A typical typist can produce a 2,000 word essay in less than a minute. These essays can be written on anything from basket weaving to the best Disney movies.

Each essay is also checked for plagiarism before you recover, so you can deliver it knowing you are not likely to be accused of plagiarism.

You can even ask the typist to provide you with a bibliography and use strict plagiarism checks before giving you the finished piece.

Like each typist is also affordable, you can use them for any homework assigned to you. This will allow you to have more free time after school instead of spending it writing essays that you find too difficult to complete.

Where to find a typist – As these are online programs, you only have to do a search with your usual search engine.

Remember to check the prices of some of those that appear in search results before choosing one.


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