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For the publisher:

Re “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Reasons Democrats’ ‘talking points’ are not enough” (news article,, November 21):

The youth and lack of experience of the AOC show itself. She speaks as if the progressives of the far left are the only ones in the world. Indeed, the voting public is made up of a majority of centrists and conservatives. That the Democratic Party is at war with itself further erodes the confidence of the American people.

The country was very divided after the elections. Only a year has passed and it hasn’t been particularly successful for Democrats. What it takes is for Democrats to show they can rule and get things done. They’ve done so little in part because progressives act like greedy kids and insist they want the whole cake, and they want it now.

If this continues, Democrats will lose their majority and any chance for change, however moderate. They will actually see a concerted effort to undo all the changes that have been made. It will be a self-inflicted injury.

Bruce higgins
San Diego

For the publisher:

Re “Democratic Socialists Need to Take a Look in the Mirror,” by Fredrik deBoer (guest op-ed essay,, November 16):

The biggest problem Americans have with socialism is the word itself. After nearly a century of Republicans using him as a club to beat Democrats – even Democrats who couldn’t be further from socialism – is it any wonder the word doesn’t carry weight in this country?

Socialist ideas are deeply rooted in this country; the police, the army, the sanitation are socialist institutions, but luckily no one calls them that. The best thing Socialists can do to help themselves is to remove the name.

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Will Democrats face a mid-term erasure?

I also question Mr. deBoer’s assumption that Americans have twice rejected Bernie Sanders because of his socialist ideas. The ideas are, as he says, very popular. Bernie lost being Bernie – a deeply flawed candidate.

Socialism is really just another word for government. The Build Back Better plan is based on the idea that government is ready and able to help its citizens. I would call it socialism, but never out loud.

Andy edelstein
Berkley, Michigan.

For the publisher:

Re “Bill Clinton saved his presidency. Here’s how Biden can, too ”(Opinion guest essay,, November 8):

I couldn’t agree more with Mark Penn and Andrew Stein. I don’t think Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represent the core values ​​of most Democrats, and I consider myself a longtime Democrat.

I used to think that Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema were outliers, even obstructionists, but I don’t feel like that anymore. It’s Bernie Sanders and AOC who are filibustering.

I’m a white man in the early 1970s, a Vietnam veteran, a retired Deputy Chief of Police, a former New Hampshire state representative, and a moderate Democrat who never believed in investing money. money to solve a problem was an effective way to solve it.

Here’s my recipe for how Democrats can maintain majorities in the House and Senate in 2022, and win the White House in 2024:

1) Start controlling the message! Beat the airways every day, as Republicans would, touting the infrastructure bill just passed.

2) Make President Biden appear regularly at White House press conferences, to answer questions and educate the public on what Democrats are doing for the country.

3) Please, for the sake of the country, firmly stay away from extreme progressive platforms. Communities do not want their police forces to be counted. They want to see the southern border dilemma resolved. They want to see more moderate spending bills. Democrats want their party to move to the center of the political spectrum.

Len DiSesa
Dresher, Pennsylvania.

For the publisher:

Re “The Diminising Democratic Majority” (column of November 21):

Ross Douthat writes that “once Covid-era interventions are finally in the rearview mirror, the critical debate over racial theory may recede somewhat,” ignoring 50 years of Republican electoral strategy. The issues that once defined the GOP, including fiscal responsibility, moral fitness, and free trade, have been sidelined and replaced with an endless buffet of racial grievance platters, with critical race theory only being ‘a new menu item.

As with previous buskers, crime and affirmative action, critical race theory fuels the GOP story that the economic prospects of hard-working white citizens are being undermined by one more Democratic Party. and more diverse. Having nothing more tangible to offer to its voters, the critical theory of the alarmist race is now firmly established in the canon of republican writings.

Eric R. Carey
Arlington, Virginia.

For the publisher:

Re “FBI monitors threats to staff in schools” (news article, November 17):

Attorney General Merrick Garland did the right thing when he ordered the FBI to create a “threat tag” to track incidents of harassment of teachers by some parents.

When people make death threats against teachers and their families, and when they threaten those teachers and their families, it is terrorism. School staff had to initiate protection against these terrorists.

It would be an act of cowardice for the Justice Department to bow to Republicans’ objections to this new policy.

Myrna Lück
Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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