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EDITOR: You’re not supposed to be afraid to go shopping. But this is what has happened since progressives advocated “funding the police” and “resigning” the police. The root of the word progressive is “progress”. Look around you. It is not progress. The evening news is filled with smash-and-grabs, looting and theft. Looks like we’re on the precipice of hell with thieves smashing everything in stores to crumbs.

Where are the police? Where are the community boards of directors? Where are the prosecutors? Where are the judges? What happens when they have decided to give up and ignore our laws? Who decided that thefts under $ 1,000 are acceptable and without consequences? Damn, that’s an incentive, for goodness sake. Without consequences, there is no deterrence. For example, there are now smash mobs that travel in trailers to steal.

Progressives don’t like religion. They didn’t even like the words “under God” in the pledge of allegiance. Well, believe me, we could use some religion right now, starting with “You won’t steal.” “


Holy rose

Reduce the need

EDITOR: As I watch my 21 year old daughter start to wake up and struggle with the tight knot of the abortion conundrum, trying to untie the knot using her feelings, reason, beliefs, etc. ., the seemingly insoluble matter of this question is even more illuminated for me. There is no right choice between a government forcing a woman to use her body to father a person against her will and the taking of potential human life by choice.

No matter how many times we unpack this problem, the answer, if it is one or the other, is extremely unsatisfactory. However, there is one approach we can implement as a society that can relieve some of the relentless pressure this issue places on us:

Relentless education and ubiquitous availability of contraceptives. Both.

This option as a third choice in the matter is rarely discussed, and those who reject abortion out of hand also too often reject education and contraception. There is no better way to calm the waters of this debate than to dramatically reduce the need to make a choice. This is the only way out.



Rethinking water

EDITOR: I agree with William Spita on removing the Scott Dam (“Save Scott Dam”, Letters, December 4). As our droughts continue to get more and more extreme, we need to save all possible water for the people of Sonoma County. Is anyone still calling for the removal of the Hetch Hetchy Dam from San Francisco?

We should also look at sending the 13 million gallons of fully treated wastewater to the Russian River where the pipeline crosses the river. This would further purify the water and maintain a minimum flow of 20 cubic feet per second into the river during the dry summer months. The Geysers may have a contract for this water, but as our water supply evaporates, a state of emergency can likely fix this.



Feinstein’s challenge

EDITOR: Senator Dianne Feinstein must lead the fight to quickly pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Advancement of Voting Rights Act by calling for the abolition or the granting of an exception to the Senate obstruction or resignation vote so Governor Gavin Newsom can appoint someone who is ready to lead the fight to save our democracy.

Republicans have passed anti-election bills in states across this country this year that allow voter intimidation, the gerrymandering of constituencies to choose their constituents, and the rejection of election results.

It is high time that federal voting standards were created across America to protect voters, prevent partisan gerrymandering, protect elections from unwarranted partisan interference or control, prevent secret election money, and allow an non-partisan oversight of federal election laws.

As historian Heather Cox Richardson recently wrote: “If we don’t pass a franchise law that ends voter suppression, partisan gerrymandering, black money and electoral subversion , our democracy will die. Not in centuries: now. The 2022 election will only pronounce the corpse.


Holy rose

Masks save lives

EDITOR: I attended a sold-out event at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma where masks were mandatory. Yet a significant minority of people had their masks removed or on their chins, etc. Here are some undisputed facts:

COVID germs don’t come out of your chin.

About 100 people a day contract COVID in Sonoma County.

Asymptomatic people are able to infect others.

COVID is potentially fatal – more than 777,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.

Even if you have been vaccinated, your protection against the disease may be significantly reduced if you have not received a booster.

Therefore, not being masked in a crowded environment means that you are potentially spreading COVID to other people, who could die from it.

People claim they can make the decision whether or not to wear a face covering for themselves, but common sense (and the law) tells us that your right to swing your fist ends on my nose. To make the analogy clear, your right to breathe life-threatening germs in the air ends when other people breathe the same air.

So mask yourself and cover your mouth and nose in public, please.



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