Spanish bishop stripped of his powers for marrying a satanic author – expat guide to Spain

Spain’s youngest bishop has been stripped of his ecclesiastical powers, the country’s Episcopal Conference announced on Saturday, after marrying a woman identified as an author of satanic eroticism.

“As we know publicly, Mgr Xavier Novell Goma, bishop emeritus of Solsona, contracted a civil marriage with Mrs. Silvia Caballol, on November 22, 2021 in the city of Suria, in the province of Barcelona”, wrote the conference (CEE ) in the declaration.

Any cleric attempting to marry, even civilly, is liable to suspension, the statement added.

The clergyman will retain his title of bishop but will not be allowed to exercise any of the roles associated with the office, including “the administration of the sacraments”.

“All teaching activity, both in the public and in the private sector, is prohibited,” he added.

The scandal erupted in the fall when the relationship of the 52-year-old bishop with Silvia Caballol, the author of works including “The Hell of Lust of Gabriel”, became public.

On the site of her publisher “Lacre”, the writer is described as “a dynamic and transgressive author who has made her mark in the demanding world of literature which disrupts our moral and ethical mores”.

It is now forbidden to Novell “to exercise all the rights and responsibilities inherent in the episcopal function”, specified the EWC, which did not exclude “other possible consequences”.

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