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For the publisher:

Michael Thom has written many recent letters regarding support for LGBTQ students in public schools. A fundamental flaw in his most recent letter, which appears to be the basis of his concern, requires a response.

Michael feels like schools present and teach, or in his words, “Misleading and confusing” young people with gender options. This is totally wrong. Schools simply meet children where they are and support them, even if they do not fit traditional societal definitions of gender. In the past, students would have been categorized and forced into a strict gender identity, whether it applied to them or not. Now the practice is to meet them and accept them as they are. There is less emphasis on gender than before, not more. The big change the Michaels dreads in society is simply the acceptance and support now offered. That’s it. So, in response to Michaell’s question about who I want to teach my kids, I want a supportive educational environment with staff who accept and love my kids and not impose their personal and mistaken concepts on them.

Wendi Ringhofer

New Ulm

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