The 23-year-old Mzansi Arts and Media Award-nominated South African author shares her journey as a storyteller

  • A self-published author had an informative and inspiring conversation with Briefly News about her journey as a young writer
  • Although Omphemetse Maimane was a math and science student in high school, her mother helped her realize her artistic side by entering her in a competition.
  • The 23-year-old has been nominated as Best Writer at the Mzansi Arts and Media Awards (MAMA)

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Omphemetse Maimane has always been into arts and crafts. From the age of 13, she realized that she wanted to be a writer but didn’t have enough knowledge to share her stories with the world.

The young woman shared a bit of her story with Briefly News about how she found her passion by turning words into captivating adventures, gaining readers around the world and being nominated for a prestigious award.

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As a young writer, Omphemetse Maimane comes to life when she finds herself face to face with a blank page and her thoughts. Image: Omphemetse Maimane/Supplied
Source: UGC

The birth of a storyteller

It was her mother who helped her realize that drawing was a form of storytelling and that she was a born storyteller.

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“She encouraged me to talk to her about my photos – the characters and all. That’s when I got used to drawing and telling story ideas.

Although she was a math and science student at Matlhare Mokautu Secondary School, it was an art competition that opened the door to a talent and a profession that shaped and changed her life.

“Around 2013 and 2014, my mother bought OMO Auto washing powder. There was a contest that was advertised on the front packaging. She participated in the contest for me since it was for children. I won a cash prize of R5,000 and it was announced on Motsweding FM,” she shared.

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Turn words into magic

“I like to write about my life experiences and I also write poetry.”

The 23-year-old admits it took her years for her work to be exposed to the world as it wasn’t until 2021 that she became a published author.

“I’ve published 3 books so far and poems. I don’t have a specific timeframe for writing a book. It depends on what type of book I’m working on, but I take time to work on my books to get good results,” she shared.

The young woman believes that being a self-published author saves her many complications such as signing with publishing houses that are not legitimate because she has heard of people complaining that their work or their money has been stolen.

A nominated author

Omphemetse was named best writer by people who believe in her.

“I got a mention on the Mzansi Arts and Media Awards (MAMA) Facebook page and that’s where I saw that I was nominated.

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“After a few days, I was given a keyword and a voting line to share with my supporters and anyone who will be interested in voting for me. The awards ceremony will take place on September 10, 2022 at the Carousel Casino .

“This nomination means the world to me! for me writing is therapeutic and anything about writing excites me,” said the author who is supported by her family, friends and fans,” the Rustenburg resident said.

The growth of everything

The mother-of-one shared that she was most proud to be nominated for MAMAs, to be a young writer with 3 published books, to sell her books worldwide and to be read by different people.

“So far, I haven’t encountered any challenges, but I am ready to face them as I progress in my journey. I will take the challenges ahead as motivation and I guess they will make me stronger”, said Omphemetse, who is also busy with other business projects as well as her fourth book.

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Sharing the most encouraging words she has received, Omphemetse said:

“My mother once told me that I was the strongest person she had ever met and I remember the time she said, ‘I knew the day I gave you birth you were born to win”.

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