The Speaker of the House of Representatives supports police crackdown on illegal online lenders


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) Puan Maharani has spoken out in favor of the crackdown on illegal online lending by the National Police, stating that such practices harm the community.

“Actions shouldn’t stop at the operators or workers, but must also reach the boss or the owner. If it’s just up to the operators, it has no impact on the owners and they can reopen illegal loans by recruiting new workers, “she said in a written statement received on Saturday.

According to Maharani, the police must arrest the owners or investors of illegal online loan companies, even if they are foreigners.

She said she hoped the police and related institutions would further step up the removal of illegal loans that are negatively affecting the community.

“I appreciate the steps the National Police Commissioner and his staff have taken to eradicate illegal online loans that have been causing problems for the community. The elimination of illegal online credit needs to be stepped up until there is no report of anyone being intimidated “and that their personal information is being misused,” added Maharani.

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives also recognized the move by President Joko Widodo, who urged the Minister of Communications and Informatics and the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to temporarily suspend new online lender approvals in order to minimize abuse of the digital service.

She called on the government to complete the Personal Data Protection Act (PDP) to prevent misuse of citizens’ personal data and to punish perpetrators more severely.

Because so far, illegal lenders have only been charged according to the draft law for the Criminal Code (KUHP), the ITE law and the consumer protection law, she said.

“With the later existence of the Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP), illegal online lenders who misuse citizens’ personal data will face higher penalties, so the penalty will be doubled,” she said.

In addition, she called on the government to further intensify digital literacy and financial literacy among the public in order to prevent citizens from becoming victims of illegal online lenders.

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