West Jakarta is accelerating the spread of information about illegal credit


Jakarta (ANTARA) – The West Jakarta city government has announced that it will coordinate with bona fide savings and loan companies to expedite the dissemination of information to the public to prevent people from falling victim to illegal online lenders.

“We are coordinating to disseminate information on how to apply for credit properly,” said West Jakarta Mayor Yani Wahyu Purwoko on Monday.

The mayor said the measure was necessary due to the spread of illegal lending practices. People are willing to borrow money from illegal fintechs that charge high interest rates and make it difficult to repay debts, he said.

Customers are often harassed, ranging from verbal intimidation to threats, forcing them to repay the money, he noted. He said he expected people to be more cautious about using money lending services.

“People have to be careful, they have to be vigilant. Understand what is good and what is not,” warned Purwoko.

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On October 14, 2021, Greater Jakarta Police ransacked the office of an illegal credit company in a shop in the Cipondoh district of Tangerang city.

“Today we raided PT ITN in a four-story store building. The raids are known to have used 13 applications by PT ITN. Ten of them are illegal applications,” Jakarta Metro Police Director of Public Relations, said Senior Commissioner Yusri Yunus last Thursday in Jakarta.

The police arrested 32 people in the raid, including management and employees, he said.

“They were taken to the Greater Jakarta Police Department to interrogate them as the investigation progressed,” he said.

He warned the public not to be easily seduced by illegal online loan offers.

“This is an example for the public; don’t be tempted by this fintech offer, because first they made a good offer but then they ensnare their customers,” he said.

Police also raided a storefront in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, that was reportedly serving as the office of a loan consortium on October 13, 2021.

56 employees in the loan and collection department were arrested and taken for questioning.

During the raid, police seized several pieces of evidence, including 52 computers and 56 cell phones.

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