What’s the news today? | Thursday, March 24, 2022

As this week progresses, be sure to keep up to date with the latest news.

From testing the soil to celebrating women in agriculture, these are today’s headlines.


Bird flu cases were reported today in three states, editor Madelyn Ostendorf reports. They are: Iowa, South Dakota and Maine.

To date, 13,553,395 reported birds have been affected by HPAI.

Merck Animal Health has announced a new Dairy Care365 training module, Creating a Culture of Care, to help dairy owners and managers improve on-farm cultures to put animal care first, while throughout the year.

“Merck Animal Health provides these value-added online training modules free of charge to our customers, to help protein producers deliver the best in animal care and welfare,” says Tom Schad , director of communications for Merck Animal Health.

women in agriculture

March 24 is proclaimed Women in Agriculture Day in Iowa. But every day is a time to celebrate the work done by women, globally, in the industry that feeds the world.

One way to do that now is to read successful farming interviews with women in multiple sectors of agriculture.

Editor-in-Chief Laurie Bedord interviews Sheryl Wallace, President of Cargill North America grain, about the grain industry and the importance of a diverse workforce, among other topics.

“When I think about my different work experiences, it’s like I’ve had five careers, but they’ve all been with Cargill. I have worked in our agriculture, oilseed processing, edible oils, flour milling and financial services businesses, including leading our enterprise risk management function,” she says.

In this Q&A, Editor-in-Chief Megan Schilling interviews Revital Kremer, CTO of SupPlant, a precision agriculture technology company.

“When I came to SupPlant in 2020, I felt for the first time that I had the opportunity to not only develop software, but to create something that impacts the world,” says Kremer. “My mission is to develop advanced technologies in agriculture; sophisticated solutions made possible in a simple way.

On the ground

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Commission on Wednesday approved a $550 million aid package for its farmers and said they could grow food and fodder crops on fallow land without lose any of their so-called greening payments.

Meanwhile, U.S. agriculture and agribusiness groups have called on Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to allow growers to plant crops on 4 million currently unused acres under the conservation reserve program. long-term.

GROWERS and Arva Intelligence are joining forces to provide agricultural retailers with a seamless solution for their growers to sell carbon through the GROWERS Rally platform and Arva’s Carbon Ready program.

A sales enhancement platform that captures critical data such as crops, products, rates and practices on a field, GROWERS Rally is also a sales planning and tracking tool for agricultural retailers.

One word that seemingly sums up everyone’s goals in agriculture this year is to optimise. Optimize your entries; optimize your valuable time; optimize the performance of your crops.

One strategy to implement that can help you optimize the health of your crops in the long and short term is soil sampling and testing.

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