Who is Domenica Feraud, the author of “The Movie Star & Me”?

Who is Dominique Feraud?

Domenica Feraud is a 28-year-old writer and actress based in New York. She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in fine arts and has since worked in the film and stage industry.

By she IMDb Profile, she made an appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2018, and she has since worked on two films, 2018 Tahiti and upcoming movie, life after you.

Most notably, however, Feraud wrote Rinse, repeat, an off-broadway production based loosely on Feraud’s own experience with an eating disorder.

The plot follows an undergraduate student recovering from severe anorexia in an inpatient facility. After making some progress, she earns a trial weekend at home where she is forced to face the realities of how the eating disorder has not only impacted her relationship with food, but also with her family and herself.

Talk to vogue in 2019, Feraud said of the production: “I noticed there were no eating disorder plays. Are they not written? Or are we not just don’t want to do them because it’s really hard to talk about?”

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The movie star and me

In January 2022, Feraud posted a powerful account on Medium of his experience interning for a Broadway production featuring a major movie star.

Aged 23 at the time, she highlighted how impressionable and vulnerable she was as a fresh graduate, desperate to impress.

She claims that while working on set, the aforementioned movie star, who she says was 35 at the time, began making sexual advances towards her in front of cast and crew members. She describes how he openly discussed sex with her, slept on her lap during rehearsals and regularly texted her, while those in the Broadway production turned a blind eye to the behavior unfolding before them.

She details how confused she felt, the excitement of being chased by someone of such notoriety, her friends ecstatic and hooked on every update. But she also felt overwhelmed, her lack of experience in relationships and sex making her all the more vulnerable.

She details how one of her friends was “excited” that she could lose her virginity to the movie star: “I googled her age on the way home: 35, about to turn 36. But he was aware of my youth, and seemed to be ok with it. I didn’t stop to wonder if I was ok with things.

She wrote that her advances lasted a little over a month. During this period, she met her mother and sister (who she says were cool with her) and eventually she details their first physical sexual encounter, where she ultimately refused to have sex with him. It sparked a conversation about their age difference and ended when the movie star told her he was glad they hadn’t had sex.

Afterwards, Feraud writes that the movie star stopped contacting her – a stark contrast to her unrelenting attention and seeming emotional intimacy. She later found out via a friend who knew her publicist that “apparently he falls in love with these young interns and PAs on sight, pursues them obsessively, then has some kind of panic a month later and disappears “.

As Feraud concludes the article, she explains the experience: “I was young, naive, insecure and all of those things made me the perfect target. I believed I was living in a fairy tale and society confirmed this account.”

She continues: “But it was a nightmare, of which I still have scars. And this man was activated in his behavior at every stage, which prevents me from believing that he is an anomaly. And people like my mentor probably thinks these young women are lucky, but I’m here to vehemently disagree. Because the consequences that never end? It’s not worth the fairy tale.

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