Writer’s essay on why she plagiarized her book has been removed for… plagiarism | Plagiarism

An author’s online essay on why she used plagiarized material in a novel released earlier this year has itself been deleted after publishers discovered she had once again taken material.

Jumi Bello’s essay, I plagiarized parts of my first novel. Here’s why briefly appeared on the site on Monday literary center. Bello’s debut novel The Leaving was due out in July, but was canceled in February by Riverhead Books.

“Earlier this morning, Lit Hub published a very personal essay by Jumi Bello about her experience writing a first novel, her struggles with serious mental illness, the self-imposed pressures Young the writer may resent publishing, and their own acts of plagiarism,” the publication said. “Due to inconsistencies in the story and, most importantly, another incident of plagiarism in the published article, we have decided to withdraw the essay.”

Lit Hub editor Jonny Diamond said on Monday that the plagiarized material related to passages about the history of plagiarism; several commenters on social networks had found similarities between Bello’s writing and the work of various earlier sources. Bello did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In her essay, Bello talks about her determination to finish her novel, about a young black woman who becomes pregnant. She remembers wanting to add “literary descriptions” of pregnancy, which she had not experienced, and looking for outside material.

“I tell myself that I am only borrowing and changing the language. I tell myself that I will rewrite these parts later during the editorial phase. I will make this story mine again,” she wrote.

“I would have said anything to myself at that time. I fell asleep at 8 a.m. because of my tense nerves and woke up at midnight. I stay up all night, writing as the days go by. I just want to push through, to a place where I can sleep again. Thinking back to that moment, I ignored my instincts. I ignored the voice inside that said softly, this is wrong. bad bad.

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